You should only call 911 in an emergency. Police dispatchers will ask a series of questions about your emergency to direct the appropriate units, including ISU police officers, fire department and ambulance service, to your location for assistance.

Calling from a cell phone: Your call will be routed to the Ames Police Communications Center. Be prepared to provide your exact location to the dispatcher and ask to be connected to ISU Police. Your call will be transferred – do not hang up the phone until a dispatcher answers.

For non-emergency situations, call 515-294-4428.

Only call 911 for emergencies. An emergency is one that requires an immediate response from a police officer, fire department or ambulance personnel. This may include in-progress crimes, motor vehicle accidents, fires, hazardous material spills, serious medical conditions or injuries requiring an ambulance. 

911 should not be used for information, directory assistance, loud noise complaints, or as a prank. If 911 lines are used inappropriately, it potentially delays an emergency response for someone who is experiencing a true emergency.

For non-emergency situations, call 515-294-4428.

The Smokefree Air Act, effective July 1, 2008, applies to Iowa State University and declares the entire university grounds and properties as a Smoke-Free Campus. Iowa State's policy was expanded to include electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes and vape pens.

Check the Lost and Found website first. If you are unable to locate the item and believe it may have been stolen, contact the ISU Police non-emergency line (515-294-4428) to file a theft report.

As part of the federal Clery Act, the university is required to issue a crime warning for serious crimes that represent a potential threat to the campus community. The notifications allow students and employees to make informed decisions regarding their safety.

Warnings are only issued for crimes occurring on or near campus. Email is the primary method for sending crime warnings, but information may be shared through the outdoor early warning system or on the Iowa State homepage and social media channels.

ISU Alert is an electronic system used to deliver emergency messages to students, faculty and staff. Notifications are sent via landline phones, cell phones, text messages and e-mail.

Messages include basic information and provide instructions on how to obtain more details. The ISU Alert system is used only for emergencies posing an immediate danger to the university community. Access the ISU Alert page for more detail and to update your contact information.

To report crimes on campus, call the ISU Police Communications Center at 515-294-4428 to have an officer respond to your location. You also can come to the communications center (Armory Building, north entrance) to file a report. Please ensure you have valid identification with you as this will assist the responding officer.

ISU police investigators review all reported crimes – but not all are assigned to an investigator. You will be notified about next steps or outcome of your report.

If there is an investigation, the report may be submitted to the Story County Attorney’s Office to determine if charges will be filed.